Real Money: MoviePass Service Could Be the Ticket for Helios & Matheson

Have you seen Helios & Matheson (HMNY) today? Have you seen the stock this month? The stock traded at around two bucks until mid-September. This morning, the shares have traded at just under $39, and just above $28. Nothing to see here. Keep moving along. The stock closed on Friday afternoon at $15.75. So what gives? And who the heck is Helios & Matheson? 

Smarter Analyst: Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc’s (HMNY) Many Monetization Ways Have Attracted a New Bull

y taking on a platform that was already “disrupting the movie theater market with a subscription-based model” and subsequently reducing the monthly subscription, the analyst already sees a bump up in demand. Anticipating the asset will help HMNY establish a foothold in the industry, grabbing “outsized revenue growth” and accelerating shareholder value, Kinstlinger initiates with an upbeat throw of the dice on this big data firm’s opportunity ahead.

Seeking Alpha: Can Movie Theaters Unlock Value? Rewards Programs And MoviePass



  • Movie theaters and airlines have a lot of structural similarities.
  • Theater chains should imitate airlines' successful rewards programs.
  • The goal is to create more value for a business that is capital intensive by adding an asset-light revenue stream.
  • Cinemas probably should have thought of MoviePass idea earlier, but the upstart can probably coexist peacefully with the theaters.
  • A theater chain like Cinemark already offers good value, but investors should monitor developments with MoviePass and rewards programs.

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CEO Money: Ted Farnsworth CEO of Helios and Matheson Analytics on CEO Money

As an expert in strategic development, marketing and consumer relations; Mr. Farnsworth has utilized these assets and skills building companies throughout his 30-year career. He has owned and operated numerous companies with proprietary products with recognized brand names that he actively helped to develop like Purple. Many of these companies ultimately became publicly held.

Helios & Matheson is a Big Data company that helps global enterprises make informed decisions by providing insights into social phenomena. Their extensive domain expertise empowers their clients to unlock the value of data to make better decisions. They deliver integrated services in Big Data technology and Advanced Analytics that include engaging in Data Visualization.

Helios and Matheson recently announced that is entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a majority stake of movie subscription technology company MoviePass Inc. HMNY’s innovative growth strategy through the expansion into industries with opportunities for big data and artificial intelligence innovations seeks to increase shareholder value.

Texomas: What the tech: Moviepass App

Today, a single movie ticket is as high as $20 in some cities.

That's too much to see more than 2-3 movies in a month. Not to mention the popcorn and drink and a night out at the movies for me and a date can easily hit $35 and more if you choose to see a film in IMAX or 3D!

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CNA Finance: Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY) Stock: Lowe Creates A Monster With MoviePass

In just 3 weeks, HMNY was able to boast some impressive growth. In fact, in these 3 weeks, subscriber growth went from the low tens of thousands to more than 400,000! Considering this massive spike in demand, it only makes sense that we're going to see more strong growth, and Lowe believes this to be the case as well. While modest, Lowe made it clear that the subscriber base is growing at an incredibly fast rate. Here's what he had to say:

I thought it would have taken us more than six to eight months to get as many subscribers as we did in the first two days.”

Seeking Alpha: MoviePass And Helios: Executive Interview

The critics were wrong - taking a page from the Netflix and Redbox playbook, Lowe introduced a revolutionary pricing model for MoviePass. The service went viral, attracting 400,000 paying members in less than a month.

Bloomberg Markets: Dave Wilson’s Stock of the Day for Sept. 20

Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar and Cory Johnson.

GUEST: David Wilson Stocks Editor Bloomberg News Discussing his "Stock of the Day" Helios & Matheson Analytics (HMNY). Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc.’s shares are surging after the technology-services company agreed to buy a majority stake in MoviePass, a theater subscription service. The rally began on Friday, after Helios disclosed that MoviePass had added about 400,000 subscribers in the past month. The company is seeking shareholder approval for a convertible-note sale to finance the purchase, which will cost as much as $27 million.

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Engadget: MoviePass Is Struggling To Keep Up With All Its New Members

Last month, MoviePass launched a $9.95 no contract, unlimited subscription that allows customers access to a standard film (no 3D or IMAX) per day in theaters, without blackouts. The offer was bound to attract a lot of attention. But, no one was prepared for the resulting frenzy (especially not MoviePass). The subscription service claims its website was overwhelmed by the ensuing volume of traffic from interested patrons.

BBC: MoviePass Subscriptions Skyrocket

Subscribers can reserve seats using the app, then take their MoviePass card to redeem tickets at participating theatres, which include about 90% of theatres in the US, according to MoviePass.

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