Established Big Data Analytics Provider and Breakout Mapping Company

Leverage Advanced Analytics to Disrupt Crime-Reporting Industry

Helios and Matheson Analytics and Zone Technologies, Inc., maker of the RedZone Map crime and navigation map, today announced the closing of their merger, whereby Zone survives the merger as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HMNY. With the merger completed, the companies will now focus on expanding the technology of the app, which is available free on the Apple App Store with its Android release scheduled for the 4th quarter 2016. RedZone Map offers one of the most sophisticated GPS-driven systems available to users today, with enhanced personal safety being the primary mission behind Zone’s proprietary technology that incorporates social listening, artificial intelligence and big data.

Unlike Google Maps and Waze, RedZone Map is the first app that goes beyond navigation to address personal safety, combining GPS-driven direction with real-time crime data and social listening. Recently coming out of beta testing, the app broke through the top 5 in the Apple App Store’s U.S. navigation category, right behind Google Maps and Waze. Being the only app offering a safe route vs. risky route, RedZone Map gives its users a choice.

Covering more than 1,250 cities in the U.S., the mapping format helps consumers to be more aware of their surroundings, posting over half a million crimes committed just during the last 60 days, including crime data from the last 24 hours. It pinpoints the location of these crimes – shootings, assaults and thefts, benefiting users whether they are navigating in their own neighborhoods or traveling, and the plan is to deploy this proprietary technology globally in short order.

“The benefits that RedZone Map provides indeed work towards the greater good,” said Ted Farnsworth, Chairman of HMNY following the merger. “RedZone is about community involvement and working together to enhance personal safety. Zone’s vision has always been to develop the ability to do this on a global scale. The merger with HMNY has enabled us to develop and expand RedZone Map faster than I ever thought possible.”

“HMNY is an established provider of big data and predictive analytics solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Adding HMNY’s technological depth to a safety focused navigation map and real time crime reporting app, I believe, makes RedZone Map the market leader,” said Pat Krishnan, CEO of HMNY. “The matching of our depth and ambition with RedZone Map has cemented the relationship between the two companies,” continued Mr. Krishnan.