MIAMI and NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (NASDAQ:  HMNY) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Zone Technologies, Inc. ("Zone"), today announced the completion of beta testing of Zone's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Zone plans to include this AI technology in its RedZone Map app, providing features designed to analyze recent crime patterns and predict criminal activity.

Zone expects this technology – along with the inclusion of more than one million recent crime reports sourced through the app's social listening platform – to transform RedZone Map's power and usefulness. By using predictive analytics and providing RedZone Map with the potential to learn and relay important safety information to its users, this new feature will enable RedZone Map users to make smarter personal safety decisions.

The AI integration is led by Dr. E.G. Rajan, chair and founding member of HMNY and Zone's Science & Technology Development Board, who has researched AI and machine learning for more than 30 years. Though Dr. Rajan employs multiple, complicated formulas and algorithms to build this technology for Zone, the final product will give RedZone users an easy and seamless way to gain predictive knowledge of the safety conditions around a particular location or travel route. The information will be presented in a navigation map format.

"Dr. Rajan's groundbreaking AI technology will allow us to deliver a wider range of crime data than before, including a crime forecasting feature," said Ted Farnsworth, CEO of HMNY and founder of Zone, the creator of RedZone Map. "We expect this new AI technology to help move RedZone Map into the forefront of the crime data sector, benefiting our app users and law enforcement alike."

This proprietary predictive analytics technology is the first of its kind in the crime-mapping sector. It will enable RedZone Map to sense, comprehend and then inform users about possible safety concerns it finds. RedZone Map will be able to process, think, learn and present important safety information in real time, giving users the ability to make better choices regarding where to shop, bank, eat, reside or travel. The app also serves as an important resource for people to gain enhanced awareness of the safety conditions surrounding them and organize to improve safety in their communities.  

"Computer learning presents significant opportunities and Dr. Rajan is on the leading edge of something very powerful, innovative and useful," said Pat Krishnan, HMNY's chief innovation officer. "The incorporation of artificial intelligence into RedZone Map will transform the app's data set into the ultimate geo-mapping crime program. This will be a game-changing moment for RedZone Map."

About Helios and Matheson
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About RedZone Map

RedZone (Zone Technologies, Inc.) is a state-of-the-art mapping and spatial analysis company with operations in the U.S. and Israel. Its eye-opening safety map app enhances mobile GPS navigation by providing advanced proprietary technology to guide travelers to their destinations while avoiding risky areas deemed "red zones," due to high groupings of crime data, with safer routes generally 15% longer. More than that, the app incorporates a social media component allowing for real-time "It's happening now" crime reporting coupled with real time data from over 1,400 local, state, national and global sources. Currently available to iOS and Android users. More information is available on the RedZone Map website.


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