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Pact Marks Third Film Investment for MoviePass Films in Last Forty-Five Days With Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles Tonight

 NEW YORK, NY – November 1, 2018 – MoviePass Films, a majority-owned Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (Nasdaq: HMNY) company, and Art of Sport (AOS), the newly-formed, sports-centric distribution entity behind Cannes Alum Gabe Polsky’s upcoming feature-length documentary, In Search Of Greatness, have teamed up to bring MoviePass Films on board the project as an investor and strategic marketing partner ahead of the film’s early-November theatrical release.

 In Search Of Greatness, directed by acclaimed documentarian Gabe Polsky, best known for his previous feature Red Army, which debuted in Cannes in 2014 and was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, and his work on Nat Geo’s Emmy-award-winning TV show Genius, is a provocative work of non-fiction which examines the importance of creativity in determining athletic ability and also analyzes the roles nature and nurture play in the development of young athletes. 

 The film, which includes in-depth interviews with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, superstar wide receiver Jerry Rice, and soccer icon Pele, opens in 11 major U.S. markets on November 2nd, and expands to theaters across North America by mid-month.

 “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Gabe and the AOS team to support this terrific documentary and help bring the personal stories of these world-class athletes to audiences everywhere,” said MoviePass Films Chairman Ted Farnsworth and Co-CEO Randall Emmett.  We are pleased to be able to continue supporting independent creators and helping them bring their artistic visions to life on the big screen.”

 The In Search Of Greatness investment follows a busy month of deal-making for the MoviePass Films label.  In late September, MoviePass Films partnered with leading indie distributor NEON to co-release Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Sundance award-winner Monsters and Men (currently in theaters) and is preparing to co-release the second film in that partnership, Ali Abassi’s Cannes award-winner Border (which debuts in theaters this week).  MoviePass Films also recently wrapped production on its Bruce Willis-starrer 10 Minutes Gone and green-lit Neil Marshall’s The Reckoning which starts production in Wales in January.  The MoviePass Films team intends to produce 10-12 films per year, and intends to acquire an additional 8-10 films per year, starting in 2019.

 “This is my most personal film, and I am very passionate about its important messages.  I made this movie to be see in theaters, and our relationship with MoviePass Films provides a unique opportunity to engage targeted movie goers nationwide.  I am very appreciative of their support,” said director Gabe Polsky.

MoviePass Films via its sister services MoviePass™, the nation’s premier movie theater subscription service, and Moviefone™, will mount a robust marketing campaign to support the film’s success while in theaters.  In Search of Greatness will be made available to MoviePass™ subscribers as a "Bonus Movie," which will not count toward their monthly in-theater movie ticket allotment.  MoviePass™ subscribers will also have a chance to attend the films’ red-carpet premieres and receive other special perks throughout the duration of the partnership.

 The deal with AOS was brokered by MoviePass Films President of Acquisitions, Zac Bright.

About MoviePass Films

 MoviePass Films LLC is dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers and distributors by collaborating with creatives, co-acquiring equity stake in films and offering them enhanced performance in the theatrical window. A joint venture of Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. and Emmett Furla Oasis (EFO) Films, MoviePass Films focuses on studio-driven content and new film production for theatrical release and other distribution channels, with the goal of democratizing the film production experience by bridging the gap between moviegoers and film industry endeavors.

 About AOS

Art of Sport (AOS) is a filmmaker driven, innovative theatrical film production, marketing and distribution company. AOS is dedicated to making a social event out of how audiences experience cinematic, commercial, and sports-themed storytelling. AOS strives to elevate the cultural perception and social impact of important sports-themed stories and characters among frequent movie going audiences who enjoy both artistic and commercial content.

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