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Helios and Matheson Analytics and RedZone Announce the Opening of the London Market for Real-Time Crime Data

The launch of RedZone Map in London comes at a time when Londoners are seeing a sharp increase in violent crime. Coming on the heels of the new London Metropolitan Police Commissioner promising a five-year crackdown on violence, the app, which presents crime data for shootings, assaults, thefts and hate crimes, is now available to help RedZone Map users in London become more aware of their surroundings and avoid higher crime locations.

Helios and Matheson Analytics and Zone Technologies, Maker of RedZone Map, Close Merger

With the merger completed, the companies will now focus on expanding the technology of the app, which is available free on the Apple App Store with its Android release scheduled for the 4th quarter 2016. RedZone Map offers one of the most sophisticated GPS-driven systems available to users today, with enhanced personal safety being the primary mission behind Zone’s proprietary technology that incorporates social listening, artificial intelligence and big data.